A Google Hangout Chat with Denise and Gallit

Lauren Davis, senior editor at Routledge/Eye on Education, hosted a compact online chat yesterday, featuring 5 Strategies for Implementing Genius Hour in Your Classroom. With Lauren in New York, Denise Krebs in Bahrain, and Gallit Zvi in British Columbia, it was truly a global experience! The 11-minute event is available at YouTube.

This is the first in a Routledge/EOE series of “5 in 10” chats, where authors share five actionable ideas in a roughly 10-minute time span. (They know how busy you are!)

If you’d like to dig deeper into the ideas shared in this quick Google Hangout, you’ll find The Genius Hour Guidebook at your favorite online bookstore or at the Routledge book page. And be sure to explore the nooks and crannies of this website, where you’ll find lots of other ideas and free resources that are only available here!

Genius Hour Guide

The Genius Hour Guidebook: Passion, Wonder and Inquiry in the Classroom is co-authored by Denise Krebs & Gallit Zvi and published by Routledge Eye on Education, in partnership with MiddleWeb.com. Learn more about the book.