Genius Hour Chat Archive with Paul Solarz – 5 December 2019

Paul Solarz (@PaulSolarz), author of Learn Like a Pirate, led us in a lively discussion tonight. His questions had us comparing Project Based Learning and the learning that occurs in Genius Hour. The questions and discussion were both instructive and energizing.

Participants included these veterans and new #geniushour chat folks: Tim Riley, Allen Kaye, Faige Meller, Kimberly Donatello, Toby Coleman, Gretchen Dorn, Kristen Koppers, Renee Reedhardt, Stella Pollard, Stephanie Chambers, Tammy Massman, Jessica Alderman, Aaron Cole, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs and our moderator Paul Solarz.

As always, we also appreciate our friends who chime in later like Renee White, Valerie Lees, and Jill Canillas Daley.

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A few quick links to some of the shared resources from this chat. Just click and go…

Great idea from Paul for those who have hard deadlines for Genius Hour projects.

  1. Genius Hour overview and introduction video by John Spencer
  2. 21st Century Report Card by Paul Solarz
  3. Hundreds of real-life Genius Hour questions by Paul Solarz’s students
  4. Sample Genius Hour projects by Paul’s students
  5. Countdown Calendar by Paul Solarz
  6. Thin Questions vs. Thick Questions by Paul Solarz
  7. Scaffolding for students who need help writing reflections by Paul Solarz
  8. KHWLAQ chart by Silvia Tolisano (@langwitches)
  9. Learn Like a Pirate book and chat (every week for #LearnLAP at 7pm Central) by Paul Solarz

See you next month, January 2, 2020 at 8 p.m. Central, when Andi McNair will share about the 6 P’s process she uses to organize Genius Hour learning.

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Denise Krebs

Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs) is a connected educator, leader, and learner with 25 years’ experience in private and public schools and recreation centers in California, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, and Bahrain. Denise was teaching junior high when she dove into Genius Hour. Her smart and intrepid junior high students and the #geniushour community helped her find her way. Currently, Denise teaches grade 5 English language learners in Bahrain. She also serves as elementary English subjects coordinator. She has had the joy of seeing genius hour work with students in kindergarten through grade 8.