Genius Hour Twitter Chat, June 2019

Today’s #Geniushour Twitter chat was led by Jill Canillas Daley (@jcd118) tweeting from Zambia. To guide her questions, Jill used the framework of the 6 P’s of Passion Projects by Andi McNair.

Two resources that help with Genius Hour were discussed. Check out Thrively, a strengths assessment, and Flipgrid, for practicing pitches and getting feedback.

Wonderful strengths assessment that gives learners an opportunity to show their strengths even if they don’t fit into the “school box”. #GeniusHour— Andi McNair (@mcnairan3) June 7, 2019


I was thinking of having students record their pitch on @flipgrid and have 2-3 others go in & give feedback to them before the Ss gives the final pitch. They all would be working on presentation skills #geniushour— Jill Canillas Daley (@jcd118) June 7, 2019

Participants included Sara, Andi, Jill, Gallit, and Denise.

Sara and Jill will lead a session on Genius Hour at ISTE19. Be sure to check it out if you are there.

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Denise Krebs

Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs) is a connected educator, leader, and learner with 25 years’ experience in private and public schools and recreation centers in California, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, and Bahrain. Denise was teaching junior high when she dove into Genius Hour. Her smart and intrepid junior high students and the #geniushour community helped her find her way. Currently, Denise teaches grade 5 English language learners in Bahrain. She also serves as elementary English subjects coordinator. She has had the joy of seeing genius hour work with students in kindergarten through grade 8.