#Geniushour Chat with Guest Host Faige Meller February 2018

Faige Meller, @Dubioseducator, had some very thought-provoking questions for our chat. She is recently retired from many years as a kindergarten teacher, who gave her children rich Genius Hour experiences. She continues to substitute teach in the primary grades, and continues to share her #Geniushour stories. She blogs at The Road Traveled.

Besides Faige, some of the most engaged participants were Pam Erickson, Morning Pruitt, Patrick ShipwayKlara RedfordRenee White, Teri Hawley, Charlie Borak, Joy Kirr, and Gallit Zvi.

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Denise Krebs

Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs) is a connected educator, leader, and learner with 25 years’ experience in private and public schools and recreation centers in California, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, and Bahrain. Denise was teaching junior high when she dove into Genius Hour. Her smart and intrepid junior high students and the #geniushour community helped her find her way. Currently, Denise teaches grade 5 English language learners in Bahrain. She also serves as elementary English subjects coordinator. She has had the joy of seeing genius hour work with students in kindergarten through grade 8.