Have You Read the Genius Hour Newsletter?

Denise and Gallit have begun writing a monthly newsletter to share news and resources about passion-based learning and the Genius Hour community. You can read the first issue here and subscribe here.

In the newsletter Gallit and Denise report on a recent #geniushour Twitter chat event. Here’s an excerpt, sharing some thoughts about the maker movement and its relationship to Genius Hour:

Krissy Venosdale, maker movement champion, moderated the June #geniushour Twitter chat. The first chat question was, “What is the maker movement really about?” First, some myths were shared:

  • One size fits all.

  • It’s all about the gadgets.

  • We can’t start a proper makerspace without a 3D printer.

Yes, those are all myths. The reality of the maker movement is much more. Shown here in this Wordle are the words from the Twitter chat tweets about what the maker movement really is all about.

What is making wordle.png

Here is one great free resource that was shared during the chat:

Check out the newsletter and learn how to follow and contribute to the #geniushour chats!

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