Here’s Our Short Definition of “Genius Hour”

We’re often asked for a succinct definition of Genius Hour. As you read through our posts and the resources on this site, you’ll quickly see that we believe the Genius Hour concept is short on rules and long on your imagination. It’s highly flexible and adaptable to your particular circumstances.

That said, we know it’s helpful at times to be able to provide a brief definition, as you advocate for the time and support to create Genius Hour in your own classroom. Try this!

Genius Hour is an inquiry-driven, passion-based classroom strategy designed to excite and engage students through the unrestrained joy of learning. We (and many other Genius Hour teachers) accomplish this by setting aside time in our weekly classroom schedules when students are able to learn about and create whatever they want, unencumbered by teacher control.

Genius Hour Guide

The Genius Hour Guidebook: Passion, Wonder and Inquiry in the Classroom is co-authored by Denise Krebs & Gallit Zvi and published by Routledge Eye on Education, in partnership with Learn more about the book.