Thinking of Launching Genius Hour This Year?

In a recent post we wrote for MiddleWeb, we shared some great advice from Genius Hour teachers who participated in a summer #geniushour twitter chat.

We began by asking everyone about the preparations they make each year before they invite their students into Genius Hour. Then we talked about:

  • how to get support from administration
  • how to brainstorm potential GH project ideas with your class
  • the most important tips for teachers just starting Genius Hour


You’ll find some terrific ideas in our article – be sure to check it out at the MiddleWeb site. You’ll also discover (if you haven’t already) that there’s a large support group of Genius Hour teachers out there to answers questions and offer encouragement.


There’s no one way to do Genius Hour (and you may even decide to call it something else). But as teachers we know that experience counts. Why not tap into it?!

TIP ► You can participate in the #geniushour chat on Twitter the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern. All you need is a Twitter account. Want to slow down the pace? Try a tool like Tweetchat. Need more help with Twitter basics? See this educator-friendly guide.

Gallit Zvi

Gallit Zvi is a vice principal and teacher in Surrey, BC, Canada who has taught 4th through 7th grade. Gallit has many years of experience mentoring both Teacher Candidates and experienced teachers and has coached many educators as they implement Genius Hour. She has also been a Faculty Associate in the Education Department at Simon Fraser University. Gallit blogs at Technology & Genius Hour: My Journey as a Teacher and Learner.